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Revopoint MIRACO - Standalone 3D Scanner for Small to Large Objects Scanner

Revopoint MIRACO - Standalone 3D Scanner for Small to Large Objects Scanner

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All-in-one Scanning

Introducing our first standalone 3D scanner, the Revopoint MIRACO. It’s ready to support all your professional scanning needs. Whether you want to capture small or large items, its quad-Depth Camera system can do it all.

MIRACO’s Key Features

Up to 0.02 mm

precision, 0.05 mm


Up to 15 fps

Scanning Speeds

8K Color Capture

Single-shot & Continuous

180° Adjustable Screen

9-axis IMU

Up to 2 Hours of Scanning

Only 750 g Light & Standalone

Up to 0.02 mm precision,

0.05 mm accuracy

Surgical Accuracy

Capture Fine Details

Eye-popping Color

Create eye-catching colored 3D models.


RGB Camera

Powerhouse in Your Hands

Up to 5000 Frames

for None Color Scans

Up to 4000 Frames

for Color Scans

8-core 2.4GHz Processor

256 GB Hard Drive

Up to 10000 Frames

for None Color Scans

Up to 8000 Frames

for Color Scans

Two Capture Modes

Single-shot Mode

Precise Tracking

High Accuracy

Minimal Point Cloud Overlap

Easier scans in hard-to-maneuver environments

Continuous Mode

Up to 15 FPS Scanning Speeds

Near and Far Mode Scanning


* Near-mode is great for capturing intricate details in specific

areas or small objects, while Far-mode excels at quickly

capturing entire objects.

No Cables, No PC Needed

Capture and

Post-process Directly

Perform fusion, meshing, and editing

without transferring your project to a PC

Simple Project Transfers

With MIRACO’s lightning-fast Wi-Fi

6 or USB Type-C 3.1 connection

Screen Mirroring

Connect MIRACO to TVs or monitors

Check models or present

Your Scanning Portal


Screen Size
Adjust 180°

Long Scans, Fast Charging

Up to 2 hours

of scanning



Power up MIRACO to 80% in only 35 mins

with 50W fast charging.

* MIRACO’s battery is covered under a 2-year warranty.

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See MIRACO’s Amazing Scans

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What’s in the Box?


MIRACO 3D Scanner


MIRACO 3D Scanner


Calibration Board x 4


Calibration-board Sheet

USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter

Also Included

* ① The adapter may vary depending on the country or region. ② Cleaning cloth color may vary.


Mini Turntable &

Sample Bust

Turntable Topper

Turntable Power Cable


Calibration Board

Magic Mat x 2

Wrist Strap

65W Dual USB Type-C Port

Power Adapter

USB Type-C to C Cable (1.8 m)

Cleaning Cloth


Certificate &

Warranty Card

Scanner Bag


Product Name

Revopoint MIRACO


Quad-camera Infrared Structured Light

Single-frame Accuracy, up to

0.05 mm

Fused Point Distance

0.05 mm

Single Capture Range

@nearest Distance

28 x 53  @100 mm

Single Capture Range

@furthest Distance

975 x 775  @1000 mm

Two Capture Modes

Single-shot Mode ,

Continuous Capture Mode

Scanning Speed,up to

15 fps

Minimum Scan Volume

10 x 10 x 10 mm

Maxmium Scan Volume

4000 x 4000 x 4000 mm

Working Distance

100 - 1000 mm


6” 2k AMOLED Touch Screen

Auxiliary Lighting

Infrared Fill Lights, Flash LEDs

3D Light Source

Class 1 Infrared Light


256 GB eMMC

Position Sensors

9-axis IMU

Memory (RAM)

16 GB or 32 GB DDR4

(32GB only in MIRACO Pro)

RGB Camera Resolution,up to

48 Megapixels

Scanner Weight

750 g

Dimensions(L x W x H)

200 x 50 x 110 mm

Battery Capacity

Internal lithium Battery 5,000

mAh, supporting up to 2-hour

continuous scanning


8-core CPU,2.4 GHz

Tracking Methods

Feature , Marker

Protection Rating


Connector Type

USB Type-C 

Wi-Fi Type

Wi-Fi 6

Compatible Systems

Windows 10/11, macOS

Operating System

Native Android System

Special Object Scanning

Use scanning spray for

transparent, dark, or

highly reflective objects.

Scanning Environment

Indoors and Outdoors

Output Formats


3D Printing Compatible


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